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Travel Grant _Application Form

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Travel Grant


     ▶ Travel Grants will be given to presenting authors of Free papers, Video and Poster

     Applicants must be documented graduates of Schools of Medicine.

     Applicants must be from a country listed of the "DAC List of Aid Recipients" classified by the OECD. 

     ▶ Award recipients are not eligible to receive a travel grant.

◆ Requirement

     Abstracts must be submitted before applying for travel grants.

     When Pre-registering, ​Completely fill out the Application Form and upload at Pre- registration page 

          Alternatively, you can additionally upload the form to the My Registration page of My Page within the application period.           

           Sign up > Login > My Page > My Registration​

◆ Benefit
  ​   USD 250(20 Applicants)


​​◆  Submission Deadline : August 2, 2024 


​​◆ Attach the Application Form




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